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Relocation preparation and space planning for archives, museums, and libraries

Moving books? Plan here.

In-Optimo is for libraries, archives, museums, and individuals who wish to plan and optimize the space required to store or display their document collections.

In-Optimo makes your collection moving simpler

Save time

Forget the placement puzzle.

Define in a few minutes and a few clicks the ideal placement of your collections in your storage spaces.

Use and collaborate completely online.

Save space

Make the most of your premises and storage space.

Buy only the furniture and shelving you need.

Free up space for other uses.

Stay calm

Avoid nasty surprises.

Identify upstream the points of attention for your collection movements.

Anticipate, compare, and choose.

Enhance your collections

Sort your collections according to your priorities with an intuitive and fully customizable shelving plan.

Discover our features

Plan the installation of your books on your premises

In-Optimo allows you to define in advance the best way to place your books, based on an import of your collections catalogue, a description of your storage spaces and your placement choices.

Obtain an immediate response for your specific needs

In-Optimo is online software that gives results in real time and is accessible directly from any type of device, with no installation needed.

View your results online or offline

The end results are:
(1) an online interface with the location of your books;
(2) a pdf plan, shelf labels and an Excel catalogue, which you can archive or rework offline.

Manage your collections over time

In-Optimo allows you to manage the location of your collections over time, whether it has been set up with our help, or whether it is a legacy of history.

Loan, weeding, arrivals and moves

Your collections are evolving, In-Optimo integrates these changes to accompany you towards a spatial layout that meets your needs.

Take back control

In-Optimo provides you with a permanent view of the location of your documents, as well as an à la carte traceability on transactions.

Guided data entry

In-Optimo guides you through the description of your storage spaces.
No need to be a topographer!


As you describe them, your storage spaces are immediately visible on the screen.


Limit the data input work:
Storage spaces are described as bays, which you can then combine and replicate.

Simple copy and paste

No tedious data entry: our interface allows you to import your books' dimensions with a simple copy and paste from your spreadsheet.

Import files

For large collections, simply import a .csv file, the standard format available in most spreadsheets and databases.

Harmonize data sources

Is your data split into several sources with different formats?
In-Optimo enables you to harmonize them.


Define your own criteria, to include only certain books in the placement simulations.


Choose simple or elaborate filing rules, or let In-Optimo save as much space as possible.


Distinguish between certain groups of books, to classify them according to different criteria.


Get a clear picture of the collection structure, with shelving plans in the form of a tree structure.


Your books are on the left, your premises on the right.
By simply dragging and dropping, you can evaluate different installation configurations.


Get an immediate overview of the space used.
Zoom in on the essential areas and see the books they contain.


Use a wide range of placement options to refine the result: margins, directions, numbering, management of books of atypical size, etc.


Find the location of any book via a search engine.


Create different scenarios to assess their consequences.

Cross over

Drag and drop to transmit the relevant choices from one scenario to another.
No double entry.


Compare the performance results of the different scenarios.


When you are satisfied with the result, get a PDF shelf installation plan, shelf labels, and a catalogue of your collections in Excel format.


Involve your team and service providers in the project.


Invite project stakeholders to access the results (in read-only mode).


Manage in real time the rights per member and per project.
Restore previous versions of a project if necessary.


Save valuable time on your projects by including up to 100,000 books in real-time simulations.
Feel free to contact us for specific requests.

Automatic detection

When you import a book collection catalogue, In-Optimo detects directly in most cases the meaning of the different catalogue columns.


In-Optimo allows you to manually refine or correct the interpretation of metadata: book title, dimensions, units, additional information, etc.


Make the most of the information in your catalogues by finding the relevant categories in all project interfaces.

Integrated help

Permanently access detailed help contents adapted to each action.


We are here to help you!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact forms or email service@in-optimo.com.
We will do our best to ensure that In-Optimo meets your expectations.

We tailor our plans for your projects


Up to 500 books
Unlimited duration


Up to 20,000 books
Up to five data sources
Up to three placement scenarios
Unlimited simulation for 6 months
Long-term space management


From 20,000 books
Up to 50 data sources and 6 placement scenarios per project
Unlimited simulation for 1 year

Our partners

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In-Optimo and i2T have joined forces to offer their customers an integrated range of services, from space planning to effective transfer.

i2T is a major player in the transfer of companies, administrations, libraries, and archives, and is also active in preventive treatment for archives (dusting and decontamination).

Based in the Paris region, i2T has completed many prestigious projects in 18 years, including the Archives Départementales in Haute-Vienne, Loiret and Paris, the Defense Ministry Historical Service, the École Nationale des Chartes and the Paris Court of Law (TGI).

Thanks to our visitors at the ABF Convention in Paris

ABF Paris Porte de Versailles 2019


In-Optimo is an innovative solution to optimize the relocation of book collections, archives and museum reserve collections.

It is offered to libraries, archives, museums and individuals by Salian Technologies.